International Annals of Criminology

The International Society of Criminology publishes the International Annals of Criminology. Presently, the publishing of the Annals is being re-examined and re-vamped. An announcement on this is coming shortly. All past volumes of the International Annals are being digitized and made available online, by the German Criminological Information Collection and Distribution Center (Fachinformationsdienst Kriminologie FID-Krim) thanks to a grant by the German Foundation for Research and the supportive intervention of Honorary President of the ISC, Professor Emeritus Hans Jürgen Kerner of the University of Tübingen. This is an important asset for the Society and its members. We are grateful to the German Foundation for Research and to Prof. Kerner for their support and recognition of the official journal of the Society. It is the first academic journal to be so digitized. The issues of the Annals uploaded to date are available at:
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