17th World Congress - Monterrey, Mexico


2014 - August 10-14

Monterrey, Mexico



The XVII Congress takes into account some of the most serious and cogent problems facing our society these days.

The spread of gangs involved in various criminal activities and violence is a major concern for many countries, especially since it has become internationalized.

Trafficking in people, animals, arms, legal and illegal drugs, and other goods is a major phenomenon of our times, facilitated, ironically, by technological and electronic innovations that have made travel, moving people around the globe, transferring funds internationally, and communicating instantaneously relatively easy, inexpensive, and difficult to detect.

Powerful and vast economic interests, the profit motive challenged by fierce competition, and the widespread consumerism of today are among the driving forces behind human exploitation, indentured servitude, and even slavery.

Insecurity is a foremost concern for millions of citizens in several countries who face on a daily basis the threat of crime, violence, kidnapping, sexual and other assault, break-ins and theft of their valuables. Thousands are at times forced to move to other parts of a city or of a country or even migrate in order to avoid victimization.

Thus, the Monterrey Congress will provide a platform for learning, debating and attempting to address these cogent challenges and serious problems affecting our world today from an international perspective.

The Congress welcomes different forms of presentations, from the traditional “papers” to roundtables, author meets critics sessions, literary and artistic expressions, community meetings, posters, workshops and more.

We want the Congress to be a dynamic, high energy, and creative event that offers high quality scholarly and research material, data, and insights along with more concrete, practical, solution-oriented debates and collaborations. Literature, theatre and visual arts are welcome as well.

More information on: www.isc2014congress.com and www.criminology2014.com

To access the plenaries in Monterrey:Follow this link

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